The Glory of Tang Dynasty : E57 - 05/09/2022


In the 7th Century of Tang Dynasty, the emperor neglected his duty and fell for Yang Guifei, and her family controlled the power. The only hope for the royal family was Lee Chu, the eldest grandson of the emperor. Shen Zhenzhu, a kindhearted girl from a prestigious family, was known for her beauty and intelligence. Despite her wish to get married to her first love, she became a concubine for Lee Chu. They ended up loving and respecting each other, but their life together was not peaceful at all. Zhenzhu had to handle jealousy from Lee Chu's other concubines who might do anything to harm her. The Yangs tried to get rid of Lee Chu because he would become the biggest threat. And the fate of the dynasty was declining, as a rebellion was about to break out. Can the loving couple overcome the string of hardship and become the next monarch?

Tags Drama,Historical,Jing Tian,Ren Jialun,Wan Qian,Shu Chang,HK Regen

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