Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely : E10 - 10/13/2020


Na-eun is an aspiring writer who dreams of publishing her novel one day. When her room, her sanctuary, was in danger of collapsing, she desperately searches a place to stay for a while. Thanks to her friend of 18 years, Hyun-jin, she can live his house while he is away with his girlfriend. His home is a part of 'Happy Together,' a co-living house with several strangers who have different jobs, tastes, and interests. There, Na-eun encounters someone she doesn't want to meet again: Kang-woo, the handsome playboy she punched on the street yesterday. As she gets to know him, the next-door neighbor, she has feelings for him. Na-eun and Gang-woo have stayed away from relationships because of reasons, so breaking the mold isn't easy. Beside, Hyun-jin cuts short his vacation and comes back home sooner than expected. As they start sharing the room, their friendship is put to the test.

Tags MBC Plus, Drama, Romance, Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely, Ji Hyun-woo, Kim So-eun, Park Geon-il, Gongchan

Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely - Episode

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