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Your Name is Rose



Director / Writer

Cho Seok-hyun


Yoo Ho-jeong, Park Sung-woong, Oh Jung-se, Ha Yeon-soo, Lee Won-keun, Choi Woo-shik, Chae Su-bin, Park Jun-myeon


Jang-mi, a single mother who raised a teenage daughter, once dreamed being a successful singer. In 1978, Jang-mi, who worked as a factory worker, accidentally got a chance to sing at a club. A recording company executive offered to make a record. She trained to be a singer with a fellow trainee, Sun-cheol, and began a relationship with Myeong-hwan, a handsome college student. When his father tried to send him to the U.S., Myeong-hwan begged Jang-mi to leave with him, but Jang-mi refused. Jang-mi found out she was pregnant, and she gave up her dream to be a mother. In 1995, Myeong-hwan showed up to Jang-mi and Hyun-a, and Jang-mi had to uncover the truth she had hid to her daughter. When the financial crisis hit the country, Jang-mi sent Hyun-a to her father. In the present, Hyun-a, a successful songwriter, sings an ode to her mother.



Running Time

126 min

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