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The Uncle

Movie Info.


The Uncle



Director / Writer

Kim Hyung-jin


Jung Ye-jin,Kang Shin-hyo,Kang Sin-chul,Ko Kyu-phill


Ip-sae, a young girl with psychological trauma, cannot move her body. Ja-young, a social worker, and Mr. Kim, a government officer, are assigned to take care of her, but they abuse her physically and verbally. Father Cho, who seems to care for her most, cannot protect her from the harassment. One day, a mute guy start living in her house. Her 'uncle' recently gets out of prison after committing rape and murder. He washes Ip-sae's body, moves her up from bed, and take care of her properly. Ja-young and Mr. Kim try to evict him from the house, but Father Cho allows him to stay with her. Ip-sae opens her mind to him since he is the only one who sincerely cares for her. But their happy, quiet days get crushed when the dark past gets revealed.



Running Time

100 min

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