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The Roundup

Movie Info.


The Roundup



Director / Writer

Lee Sang-yong,Kim Min-seong


Ma Dong-seok,Son Seok-koo,Choi Gwi-hwa,Park Ji-whan


Four years after the sweeping operation of Garibong-dong, Detective Ma Seok-do and his unit have an extradition mission - to transfer a surrendered suspect from Vietnam. When Ma and Team Leader Jeon meet him, he seems fearful of something. Ma and Jeon find out that he gets involved in a kidnap/murder case: the victim is a young businessman whose father is the giant loan shark in Seoul. The leader of the crime, Kang Hae-sang, is responsible for several other kidnap/murder cases targeting Koreans in Vietnam. Ma and his colleagues start to chase after Kang before he commits more horrible crimes.



Running Time

106 min

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