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The Man Standing Next: The Assassination of a President

Movie Info.


The Man Standing Next



Director / Writer

Woo Min-ho


Lee Byung-hun,Lee Sung-min,Kwak Do-won,Lee Hee-joon,Kim So-jin,Seo Hyun-woo,Ji Hyun-joon,Park Sung-geun,Park Ji-il,Lee Tae-hyung,Joo Seok-tae,Lee Do-kook,Kim Seung-hun,Kim Min-sang,Kim H


October 26th, 1979, Kim Gyu-pyeong, the director of KCIA, shoots President Park at his safe house. Forty days before the incident, Park Yong-gak, the former KCIA director, disclose the president's corruption. The Pres. wants to "take care of" Park after discovering he wrote a memoir, and Kim volunteers to persuade him. Kim asks Park to hand over the documents and asks forgiveness, but Park refuses, saying, "He doesn't let the No. 2 alive." Kwak Sang-chun, the head of the president's security team, expresses his loyalty to the president excessively, which makes the conflict between Kwak and Kim. When the memoir publishes in Japan, the president reprimands Kim. Kim executes a mission that proves his loyalty to the president, but the president's trust falters more.



Running Time

114 min

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