The Great Battle

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The Great Battle



Director / Writer

Kim Kwang-sik


Jo In-sung,Nam Joo-hyuk,Park Sung-woong,Bae Sung-woo


In 645AD, the Tang Dynasty’s emperor Li invades Goguryeo, the neighborhood kingdom. After defeating Chancellor Yeun's army, Tang army marches to Ansi. The lord of the fortress, General Yang, is branded as a traitor to the kingdom. Chancellor Yeun orders a young lieutenant, Sa-mul, to kill the general. Arriving at Ansi, Sa-mul is surprised that the fortress was already prepared for harsh attacks. Outgunned and outnumbered, general and people of Ansi successfully defeat the Tang army. Emperor Li tries to persuade Yang to surrender. Keeping off the enemy for the second time, Yang plans the ambush to the emperor. But the attack fails and costs the lives of people that Yang cares. Finally, emperor Li orders to build a high mountain to cross over the fortress wall. While Sa-mul leaves Ansi to ask for reinforcements, the people of Ansi prepares the final battle.



Running Time

135 min

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