The Dude In Me

Movie Info.


The Dude In Me


fantasy, comedy

Director / Writer

Kang Jyo-jin


Jin-young, Park Seong-woong, Lee Soo-min, Lee Jun Hyuk


Pan-soo, a successful businessman in his 40s, is hit on the ground by a person falling from a building. Waking up, he finds himself in another body. Now Pan-soo has to be Dong-hyun, a high school student who gets bullied frequently. He finds out Dong-hyun tried to help a girl, Hyun-jung, and fell off the building. When he meets her mother, Mi-sun, he immediately knows that Hyun-jeong is his daughter. To get close to Hyun-jung, Pan-soo takes hard physical training with her. He proves Mi-sun that he is Pan-soo and confesses his love in front of Hyun-jung. When Dong-hyun wakes up in Pan-soo's body, they make a pact to help each other. Dong-hyun convinces Pan-soo's father-in-law that he is not an embezzler. Pan-soo's wife, who conspired to put him in danger, runs over Dong-hyun's body. He loses the consciousness and two men swap their bodies again.



Running Time

122 min

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