Strangers from Hell : E01


Jong-woo, an ordinary young man in his 20s, is offered to work as an intern by his friend, Jae-ho. It may be a fresh start for him, who sought long to become a writer but has given up his dream and secluded in his hometown. Jong-woo leases a tiny room at Eden Gosiwon, where it locates at the outskirt of the city. Even though the place is cheap, old and dirty, it was people who drive Jong-woo crazy. The landlady is kind but somewhat suspicious, and housemates irritate him with abnormal behaviors. As mysterious events continue to occur at his house, Jong-woo suspects not only the people but also the house itself.

Tags drama,mystery,OCN,strangers from hell,webtoon,Im Si-wan,Lee Dong-wook,Lee Jeong-eun

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