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Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace : E01 - 03/15/2019


[::Notice::] Please click the Subtitles button located in the bottom right of the video player for Korean Subtitles. ======================================= Lady Ruyi from Ula Nara clan and Prince Hongli are young lovers. Even though Hongli becomes emperor, Ruyi just wants his love.  Since her clan has been disgraced, she doesn't have the power to protect herself in the treacherous palace. She is framed and locked up in a desolate palace. After 3 years and a near-death incident, Ruyi is reinstated as a consort and becomes the Empress. Surviving every day in the Forbidden City, Ruyi lost all her children and love for Hongli. In the end, Ruyi disconnects herself from Hongli by cutting her hair. When Hongli is laid sick, a plot to overthrow the Emperor is caught. It turns out that Hongli's favorite, Consort Wei, is the mastermind of the treason as well as all the evil plots against Ruyi. Hongli wants Ruyi to be the Empress again, but she refuses and dies alone when he travels the south.

Tags drama,period,Zhou Xun, Wallace Huo, Janine Chang, Dong Jie, Xin Zhi Lei, Tong Yao, Frida Li, Hu Ke, He Hong Shan, Cao Xi Wen, Karlina Zhang, Li Qin, Joan Chen

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