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OK! Madam



Director / Writer

Lee Chul-ha


Uhm Jung-hwa,Park Sung-woong,Lee Sang-yun,Bae Jung-nam


Mi-young sells KKwabaegi(twisted Korean doughnut) at a market. She lives a happy life with her husband Seok-hwan, who runs a computer repair shop, and sweet daughter Na-ri. One day, she wins a prize for a trip to Hawaii, and the family decides to go on their first trip abroad. They get aboard on a plane, and unfortunately, so does a group of terrorists that finds a rouge agent. The terrorists seize the airplane and detain all the passengers to check out their faces. Mi-young happens to be in the bathroom so she can avoid the situation. Seok-hwan manages to escape from the herd and finds his wife. Now, the couple is the only hope to save Na-ri and others. Mi-young and Seok-hwan wake up their deep-buried skills to save the day.



Running Time

100 min

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