New Year Blues

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New Year Blues



Director / Writer

Hong Ji-yeong,Go Myung-ju,Ham Hyun-kyung


Kim Kang-woo,Yoo In-na,Yoo Yeon-seok,Lee Yeon-hee


New Year Blues follows a week of four couples who face different problems in their romantic relationships. Ji-ho, a civil affair detective, takes the protective duty for Hyo-young, who filed for divorce. As a divorcee, Ji-ho understands Hyo-young and vice versa. Working as a wine delivery guy at a farm in Argentina, Jae-hun accidentally spends an unforgettable time with Jin-ah, a ski resort employer who took a trip to Argentina after a sudden break-up. Yong-chan, a tourist company owner, is about to get married to Yaorin, his Chinese girlfriend. But he has two problems: his sister feeling complicated about his marriage, and being scammed and having no money. Rae-hwan, a Paralympian, wants to marry his long-time girlfriend, Oh-wol, but is afraid of all the prejudice towards the disabled. Can the four couples make it to their happy endings?



Running Time

114 min

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