My Dangerous Wife : E16 - 11/24/2020


Based on the Japanese TV series of the same title, the series focuses on a married couple who once were madly in love but ended up hating each other. Jae-kyung and Yoon-chul look like a perfect couple: a rich heiress with a kind heart and a handsome celebrity chef got married after falling in love. After 6 years, however, they loathe the spouse. Since Yoon-chul's restaurant business dwindles, the couple has friction for a while. While Jae-kyung worries that her husband may have crossed the line with another woman, Yoon-chul tries to figure out how to get away from his wife's grip and make his business prosper. That's when Jae-kyung gets kidnapped, and the suspect demands a massive ransom.

Tags Lian, drama, My Dangerous Wife, Kim Jung-eun, Choi Won-young, Choi Yu-hwa, Yoon Jong-suk

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