Moranbong Club : E284 - 05/02/2021


How well do you think you know about North Korea? The show features several North Korean defectors who risk their and their families' lives to find freedom in South Korea. They talk on various topics on North Korea - things that we are curious about or things that we know wrong. From the daily lives of ordinary people to South Korea's cultural impact on North Korea society, the show provides first-hand information to correct our misconception on North Korea and valuable chances to understand the people and the nation.

Tags TV Chosun,variety,talk show,Oh Hyun-kyung,Kim Bum-soo,Lee Yoo-mi,Park Soo-ae,Kim Ji-young,Kim Ka-young,Kim Eun-kyung,Kang Na-ra,Han Seo-hee,Kim Eun-a,Choi Sin-a,Choi Yoo-kyung,Kim Cheol-

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