Miss Lee : E01


The boss has gone. On the day Chung-il exports their newest vacuum cleaners, Mr. Oh disappears without a trace. Many employees leave the company, except for some people who have nowhere to go. With little fund and workforce, Chung-il needs to stop bankruptcy. Lee Sun-shim, a 20s junior bookkeeper, steps up as the new CEO. She is passionate and somewhat desperate but doesn't know what to do to revive a near-bankrupt company. Yoo Jin-wook, Chung-il's most notorious sales manager, involuntarily supports Lee as her mentor. Lee, Yoo, and workers work must work together to stabilize the business and try to stop threats from outside.

Tags TvN,Drama,office,Miss Lee,Lee Hye-ri,Kim Sang-kyung,Uhm Hyung-kyung,Lee Chang-yeob

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