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Man of Men

Movie Info.


Man of Men


comedy, drama

Director / Writer



Sol kyung-gu, Cho Jin-woong, Heo Joon-ho, Jin Seon-kyu, Kim Sa-rang


Young-gi, a thug, always dreams of a big score and perfect life. He urged his best friend, Dae-kook, into investing 700 million won to a company "with potential." When his colleague becomes the new boss in the organization, Young-gi gets drunk and beats some other thugs. He is arrested and sentenced to 150 hours of community service. In a nursing home where he has to do the service, he meets Jang-soo. He is a very wealthy lawyer who donates most of the fortunes after getting terminally-ill. As Young-gi's investment turns out as a scam and he loses all the money, Jang-soo makes an offer to him: if Young-gi helps him to do some things on the bucket list, he will get his death benefit, approximately 1,200 million won. Being desperate, Young-gi accepts the offer. That is the start of the unique friendship between two guys who are completely different.



Running Time

116 min

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