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In the Song Dynasty, Bao Zheng works as the Mayer of Kaifeng and gives the unfavored ruling to every citizen regardless of their class, nicknamed as Bao Jing Tian or Justice Bao. He is the incarnation of a star, protecting the next Emperor of the Song Dynasty. Another embodiment of a star, Zhan Zhao, is the best fighter in the country. The two get acquainted when Zhan saves Bao from a danger. Bao's fairness to criminals and love for people touch Zhan, so he chooses to be the Royal officer to protect Bao. He has rewarded the nickname 'The Emperor's Cat,' and that fact irritates another fighter. As the youngest brother of 'Five Mice,' Bai Yu Tang keeps challenging Zhan. When his behavior is escalating so much that he breaks into the Emperor's palace, Zhan and other Five Mice brothers narrowly save Bai. That is the start of a beautiful partnership between two pacts, the fair and just officials and the brave fighters.

Tags drama,historical,justice bao,chinese drama,Jin Chao Qun,Vincent Jiao,Fan Hong Xuan,Liu Pei Qi

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