Joy of Life : E35 - 10/19/2020


A novel by a literary history student features Fan Xian, a boy born in an ancient time with memories of the 21st century. As an illegitimate child of a minister, Fan Xian protects himself against those who want to harm him. He secretly masters martial arts, poison, and medicine, thanks to Wuzhu, his mother's guard, and Fei Jie, the best practitioner of poison. As Fan Xian grows up, he gets summoned to the Capital. His father orders him to marry Lin Wan'er, the illegitimate daughter of the Elder Princess, to get back his mother's fortune seized by the imperial court. But Fan Xian hesitates because of the beautiful 'drumstick girl' that he passed on a temple. As the rumor about his impending nuptial spreads, the imperial family members and nobles in the Capital want to test his capability. Fan Xian handles the situations with wisdom, patience, and a merciful heart.

Tags 100uu, Chinese Drama, drama,political,romance,historical, Joy of Life, Zhang Rouyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming

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