Goodbye My Princess : E01


Xiao Feng, a princess of Xi Zhou, runs away with her teacher, Gu Jian, to avoid the arranged marriage with the Crown Prince of Li Chao. On the way to Dan Chi, her mother's country, they found a wounded man. That man, Li Cheng Yin, is a prince of Li Chao who travels with the crown prince and the envoy to Xi Zhou. Ambushed in the desert, his brother got killed, and he was hurt badly. Introducing himself as Gu Xiao Wu, Cheng In joins Xiao Feng and Gu Jian and infiltrate Dan Chi. Xiao Feng and Cheng In fall for each other, and Cheng In risks his life to prove his worth to be her husband. On the wedding day, the army attacks Dan Chi, and Cheng In murders the King, Xiao Feng's grandfather. Shocked by his betrayal, she falls into the River of Oblivion to erase her memory, and Cheng In follows her into the river.

Tags Chinese drama,historical,Chen Xingxu,Peng Xiaoran,Shawn Wei

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