Dear My Room : E01


Shim Eun-joo's life is in crisis. Once a successful editorial designer, but now, with a failed career and a damaged reputation, she is 'on a leave.' In a tiny studio apartment, she eats, sleeps, and is being miserable comparing her life to others. Her room gets dirtier as she gets devastated. That changes when Min-seok, her life-long "Guy" friend, installs a new lighting. The beautiful lighting doesn’t match the studio, so she decides to change the interior by herself. As a DIYer, she shares her progress on Instagram and fixes up some of her followers' houses. Gradually, she starts to change her own life and other people's lives. And she finds herself a sweet love triangle with Min-seok, who is always by her side, and Jae-hyun, a cute guy who calls her his 'muse.' Watching Dear My Room, we will cheer Eun-joo as she becomes confident in her life and love.

Tags Olive, drama, dramedy, Ryoo Hye-yeong, Kim Jae-Yeong, Yoon Ji-on, Park Ji-hyun

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