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Entangled Fate of a Woman Who Abandoned Her Family for Her Dream and a Woman Who Gave Up on Her Dream for Her Family

Yoo Ji-na has achieved her dream of becoming the most popular singer in Korea at the expense of lifelong regret over abandoning her blind son. Although everyone desires her, she feels lonely as she is unable to open her heart and share her secrets. On the other hand, Yoo G-na had to give up on her dream of becoming a singer to support her family. She makes a living as a fake Yoo Ji-na, imitating her singing and dancing at seedy cabarets and clubs. She performs without joy and agonizes over how she is losing her authentic voice, as she realizes that imitating someone’s singing only pulls her further away from her dream of becoming a singer who can touch people’s hearts. When Yoo Ji-na meets Yoo G-na by chance, she feels sympathetic towards a girl who is trying so hard to make it in the harsh world of entertainment and decides to support her. However, she can’t help but feel empty and jealous when she witnesses that even her copycat has someone by her side when she seems to have no one to call her own.

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