You Are My Sunshine

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You Are My Sunshine



Director / Writer

Park Jin-pyo


Jeon Do-yeon,Hwang Jung-min,Na Moon-hee,Jung Yoo-seok,Seo Joo-hee,Yoon Je-moon,Lim Jong-yoon,Kim Sang-ho,Ko Soo-hee,Kim Bu-seon,Kim Kwang-kyu


Seok-joong is a ranch owner who dreams an everlasting love. He has a crush on Eun-ha, a hostess at the local coffee shop. Eun-ha doesn't appreciate his feelings because she thinks she doesn't deserve it, but she can't help feeling angry when Seok-joong has a blind date. When Eun-ha gets beaten by a customer, Seok-joong takes care of her, confessing undying love. Eun-ha finally opens her mind to him, and two get married despite the opposition from family and friends. However, their happiness meets an obstacle as Eun-ha's ex-husband shows up and threatens to reveal her dark past. Seok-joong pays a lot of money to keep him silent and chooses not to tell his wife. Meanwhile, Seok-joong gets a phone call from the local health center that Eun-ha has AIDS. As Seok-joong hesitates to say to her, Eun-ha misunderstands his silence.



Running Time

121 min

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