Yi San : E01


Young Yi-san tries to save his father, who was locked inside a rice container by King Yeongjo, his grandfather, with the help from his childhood friend Song-yeon and Dae-soo. However, their plan is discovered, and Song-yeon and Dae-soo get kicked out of the palace. When Yi-san becomes a crown prince, he brings his old friends back to palace. In Joseon’s Royal Court corrupted by greed and power struggle, will Yi-san and his friends be able to keep their friendship and make reformation?

Tags Yi San, MBC, Lee Seo-jin, Han Ji-min, Lee Soon-jae, Kim Yeo-jin, Seong Hyun-ah, Jo Yeon-woo, Lee Jong-soo, Park Eun-hye, Kyeon Mi-ri, Ji Sang-ryeol, historic, period

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