When A Man Loves : E01


Love Has Two Faces

When a Man Falls in Love

Han Tae-sang is a gangster with a painful past. One day, he makes a scene at a bookstore whose owner didn't repay his loan. There, he meets Mi-do, the owner's daughter, who tries to defend his father. Tae-sang sees his past-self in Mi-do, and decides to cut some debt and give Mi-do an aide for her study. That hospitality, however, backfires when his boss tries to kill him. Tae-sang leaves the gangs and starts his own private loan company. He tries to win Mi-do's heart, but she refuses to give him. Meanwhile, Tae-sang also supports Jae-hee, the brother of his most trustworthy man, and gives him a job at his own company. What he didn't expect, however, that Mi-do and Jae-hee might fall in love.

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