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Welcome 2 Life : E04


Jae-sang is a criminal defense lawyer who has a reputation for providing his excellent legal service for criminals to get away with their wrongdoing. Seeking only his interest, he now has fame and fortune. One day, he was in a mysterious accident and lost his consciousness. Waking up, he finds out his world is entirely different. In this parallel world, he is a "not cool" prosecutor with a salary of a civil servant. He is married to Si-on, who dumped him ten years ago in another universe, and has a daughter. He tries to do his job like himself, in a mean and unjust way, and that confuses his wife and co-workers. They still love and respect him as a noble attorney, and their trust turns Jae-sang into the good man.

Tags Drama,romance,comedy,procedural,welcome2life,welcome to life,rain,Jung Ji-hoon,Lim Ji-yeon,Kwak Si-yang,Son Byeong-ho,Park Won-sang,Han Sang-jin,Jang So-yeon,Kim Joong-ki,Phillip Choi,Park Shin-a,Lim

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