Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo : E01


Kim Bok-joo is a promising weightlifter. Just like his father, she is passionate about weightlifting. Bok-joo might be strong and righteous, but she holds her insecurities and vulnerabilities close to her heart. She is always awkward and shy in front of men. One Day, she meets Jae-yi. He is the first guy in her life to give a genuine smile and treat her like a lady. Bok-joo signs up for Jae-yi's weight-loss program to get closer to him. There is another guy who finds Bok-joo's doing amusing. Jae-hyung, a famous swimmer and former classmate of Bok-joo, is also Jae-yi's brother. As his life gets a little interesting, thanks to Bok-joo, his curiosity on her turns into affection. Now, Bok-ju is in the middle of a love triangle with two charming men, one who she wants and the other who likes her.

Tags drama,MBC,weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo,romance,sports,Lee Sung-kyung,Nam Joo-hyuk

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