VIP : E04


The show follows the Department Store's VIP team, whose members are in charge of taking care of the 1% customers. Jung-seon is the senior manager of the team who is successful in both career and life. She has a good reputation as an excellent employee and a reliable colleague. Sung-joon, the team leader and her husband, really cares about her, and their marriage seems perfect. One night, however, Jung-seon receives an anonymous text message, saying, "He's having an affair with one of your team members." Jung-seon feels betrayed by Sung-joon while suspecting every team member. As she decides to find out the secrets of her husband and others, she gradually gathers the courage to face her past, which has retrained her emotional liberation.

Tags SBS,drama,melodrama,VIP,Jang Na-ra,Lee Sang-yun,Lee Chung-ah,Kwak Sun-young

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