Unstoppable : Trailer

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Director / Writer

Kim Min-ho


Ma Dong-seok, Song Ji-hyo, Kim Sung-oh, Kim Min-jae, Park Ji-hwan, Lee Seong-woo, Bae Noo-ri, Park Ji-hoon, Park Kwang-jae, Lim Hyeong-Jun, Jung Hae-kyun, Kim Won-hae, Jung In-Gi


Dong-chul and Ji-soo are happily married couple with financial difficulties. At the dinner date for their wedding anniversary, he confesses to her that he invested a large sum of money in an excellent business opportunity. Being angry, she leaves him and goes back home. When Dong-chul arrives at their home, the house is a mess, and Ji-soo disappeared. The culprit, Ki-tae, is a human trafficker who got into a dispute with the couple and took notice of Ji-soo. Ki-tae pays Dong-chul the money in exchange for Ji-soo, but Dong-chul refuses and sets out to search for his wife. It turns out that Dong-chul was a notorious fighter called "Raising Bull," who left the criminal world to be with Ji-soo. To find the love of his life, Dong-chul joins his friend Chun-sik and Detective Gom and attacks Ki-tae's gangs.



Running Time

115 min

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