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Underground Rendezvous

Movie Info.


Underground Rendezvous



Director / Writer

Kim Jong-jin


Im Chang-jung,Park Jin-hee,Lim Hyeon-sik,Lee Dae Ro,Lee Han-wi,Sim Won-chul,Lee Sang-hoon,Kim Na-woon,Hong Ki-hun,Kim Doo-yong,Hwang Hyo-eun,Park Kyung-soon,Hong Kyung-yeon,Yoo Sun-hee


Kong Young-tan is a naive young man who dreams of becoming a teacher. Arriving at Seoul, however, he gets caught by the police because of his "long" hair. At the police station, he hears that some will go to "Kyoyukdae," and understands that the 'dae(univ.)' is an institution for teachers. He volunteers to join, only finding out that the 'dae' is a Samchung Kyoyukdae, a notorious training camp for criminals. One day, exhausted Young-tan falls off the moving car and wanders around the mountain. He arrives at a small mountain village called Chungsol, and villagers welcome him, mistaking him as the new teacher. Young-tan stays the village as the 'weird teacher,' and gets suspicious on the villagers' acting strange. Young-tan is willing to find out the secret of the town.



Running Time

118 min

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