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Two Guys

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Two Guys



Director / Writer

Park Hyun-soo


Park Joong-hoon, Cha Tae-hyun, Han Da-gam, Jung Heung-chae, Kim Gu-taek, Son Hyun-joo, Choi Jun-yong, Lee Hyuk-jae, Ji Dae-han, Park In-hwan, Park Yoon-bae, Kim Hyung-joong, Kim Ae-kyung, Lee Soo-na


Kim Hoon is a young guy full of vanity. As his debt snowballed, he gets visited by Park Joong-tae, the loan shark's handyman. Park beats Kim up, implants a tracker inside him, and follows everywhere he goes. One day, Kim works as a chauffeur for a drunk foreigner, and Park shows up demanding he pays up. Distracted Kim mistakenly drives the wrong vehicle for the client. While Kim goes back to get the right car, the client gets killed, and Park manages to escape. Kim also gets threatened by some thugs, and Park helps him to run away. What causes this mess is the little container inside the car, which is a cutting-edge semiconductor targeted by the international crime organization. Two guys, dreaming a big score, daringly demands a large sum of money for an exchange.



Running Time

116 min

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