Train to Busan

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Train to Busan



Director / Writer

Yeon Sang-ho


Gong Yoo,Jung Yu-mi,Ma Dong-seok,Kim Soo-an,Kim Eui-sung,Choi Woo-shik,Ahn So-hee,Choi Gwi-hwa,Jung Seok-yong,Ye Su-jeong,Park Myeong-shin,Jang Hyuk-jin


Seok-woo gets aboard on the express train to Busan with his daughter, Soo-an. Various people are aboard the train, including a married couple, a high school baseball team and the cheerleaders, a corporate man on a business trip, a homeless man and more. The train departs the station with the last passenger, a girl, and Soo-an witnesses a person attacking the train attendant at the platform. The last passenger has a severe seizure and turns into a zombie, assaulting the attendant who takes care of her. The infected enters the cabin and bites passengers, and the train turns into hell. To find the next host, zombies run towards the people. Unable to stop the train or save people outside the train, survivors must protect themselves against the herd of zombies.



Running Time

118 min

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