Top Star Uback : E09


Yoo Baek is a triple threat; he can sing and act and is very handsome. So his flaws might be originated from his perfection. He is a narcissist, and his sharp tongue is ready to throw bombs anytime he wants. When he 'finally' gets what he deserves from arrogance, his agent/manager sends him a remote island called Yeojeukdo. The island somewhat vibrates the 80s vibe in every way. Oh Gang-sun, born and raised only on Yeojeukdo, lives a slow life without a cell phone, TV, or the internet. That is why Yoo Baek can be an ordinary guy for her. She just calls him "hey" or "whats-his-name", but his heart starts beating faster when she's around.

Tags tvN, Drama, romance, comedy, Kim Ji-seok, Jeon So-min, Lee Sang-yeob, Jeung Eun-pyo, Lee Ah-hyun, Lee Han-wi, Huh Jin, Seong Byeong-sook, Jeong Yi-rang, Ye Su-jeong, Heo Jeong-min, Kim Jung-min, Kim M

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