Time Between Dog and Wolf : E01


After losing his mother to a large crime organization called Chungbang, Soo-hyun is entrusted to the captain of NIS, an international narcotic investigation unit, and grows up with the captain's son Min-ki. The two boys grow up to be fine NIS members, but Soo-hyun suddenly disappears without a trace. In order to avenge his mother’s death, Soo-hyun has chosen to give up his life and acquired a new identity as a special agent named Key. After Soo-hyun’s disappearance, Min-ki confesses his love to Ji-woo, Soo-hyun’s beautiful childhood friend and lover. However, when Ji-woo meets Key, a man who reminds her of her lost love, she begins to doubt her feelings towards Min-ki.

Tags Time Between Dog and Wolf, MBC, drama, Lee Jun-ki, Jung Kyung-ho, Nam Sang-mi, Lee Gi-young, Kim Jung-nan, Cha Soo-yeon, revenge, action

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