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The Witch 2: The Other One : Main Movie

Movie Info.


The Witch 2: The Other One



Director / Writer

Park Hoon-jung


Shin Si-a,Park Eun-bin,Seo Eun-soo,Jin Goo


After Ja-yoon's disappearance, The Arc, where 'The Witch Project' continues, gets attacked by a mysterious force. 'The Girl', the only survivor of the massacre, takes the first step into the world. She soon saves Kyung-hee, a woman in the neighborhood who gets trouble with the local thugs. She takes the girl to her farm, where she lives with her brother Dae-gil, and provides the girl for food and comfort. Meanwhile, Agent Jo-hyun gets the search and retrieval mission of the girl, and her team soon gets crossed with Yong-gu, the boss of the local gangs, and mysterious four from Shanghai Lab. As the threats are very near, the girl must wake her primal instinct to protect Kyung-hee, Dae-gil, and their peaceful days at the farm.



Running Time

137 min

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