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The Stormriders

Movie Info.


The Stormriders



Director / Writer

Andrew Lau


Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Sonny Chiba, Kristy Yang, Michael Tse, Wayne Lai, Shu Qi, Wan Yeung-ming, Yu Rongguang, Alex Fong, Anthony Wong, Lawrence Cheng, Roy cheung, Elvis Tsui, Christine Ng, Cheung Yu


Based on a hit comic series, THE STORMRIDERS centers two young men, Wind and Cloud. Lord Conquerer forms a new clan to conquer the Jiang Hu. He asks his fate to Mud Buddha, the famous fortune teller, and receive an answer: You will get a good fortune if you get the wind and cloud. So the Lord makes Wind and Cloud, sons of his enemies that he kills himself, as his disciples. Ten years later, Wind and Cloud become the best warrior in Jiang Hu, and the Lord has the power that can make the world under his control. But, Kim-sing, a great swordsman and the Lord's ultimate adversary, comes back to Jiang Hu after the long seclusion. Before facing the inevitable duel, the Lord asks his fate to Mud Buddha once again. And the answer is this: you will rise with the wind and cloud, and you will fall by the wind and cloud.



Running Time

130 min

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