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The Soong Sisters

Movie Info.


The Soong Sisters



Director / Writer

Jang Wang-jeong


Michelle Yeoh,Maggie Cheung,Vivian Wu,Winston Chao


In the early 1900s, Charles Soong gained wealth by running a successful printing business. He has three daughters who studied in the US, and he hopes they will participate in the revolution of China. Ai-ling, the eldest who is brilliant at politics and economy, marries K'ung Hsiang-hsi, a wealthy banker, and builds a financial empire. Ching-ling, the second, marries Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary leader, and her father's friends, and become the face of the revolution as the president's wife. Mei-ling, the youngest, marries Chiang Kai-shek, a young soldier and the potential successor of Sun. She becomes an influential figure in international politics. The Soong sisters seem to bring the new China into the world with their wealth and influence. When Sun dies, however, Ching-ling and Chiang cause conflict that puts the Soong sisters and the continent into war.



Running Time

140 min

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