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The Servant



Director / Writer

Kim Dae-woo


Kim Joo-hyeok,Ryoo Seung-beom,Jo Yeo-jeong


Bangja escorts his master (Mong-ryong) to an evening out at the local pleasure house, where they are witness to a performance by the madam's daughter Chunhyang. While trying to arrange a meeting between Chunhyang and his rather clumsy and socially awkward master, Bangja defends Mong-ryong from a larger, disgruntled patron and inadvertently impresses Chunhyang. Chunhyang begins to fall for him and makes love to him on several occasions. Due to his low social-standing, however, she seeks to marry Mong-ryong and enlists Bangja's help in order to make this plan a reality. Mong-ryong is called away to Seoul for 3 years to finish studying. When he comes back after 3 years as the new governor of his town, he realizes Bangja still loves Chunhyang, and makes a certain kind of deal with her.



Running Time

124 min

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