The Royal Tailor

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The Royal Tailor



Director / Writer

Lee Won-seok


Han Suk-kyu,Go Soo,Park Shin-hye,Yoo Yeon-seok,Ma Dong-seok,Shin So-yool,Lee Yu-bi,Cho Dal-hwan,Bae Sung-woo,Park So-dam,Cho Hyun-do,Heo Seong-tae,Jung Sang-chul,Kim Jae-hwa,Park Byeong-


The Queen burnt the King's clothing by mistake. She asks Dol-seok, the royal head tailor, to make a set of clothing, but he says he cannot complete the work in a day. Then, Pan-soo, the Queen's servant, recommends Gong-jin, a renowned tailor in the capital, who makes the clothing in time. Both the Queen and the King likes his work, and Gong-jin becomes the royal tailor. Dol-seok doesn't like Gong-jin at first, but he gradually understands his principles and even envy his talent a little. The Prime Minister, who plots to replace the Queen, recommends the daughter of his ally as a concubine, and orders Dol-seok to make a splendid party clothing for her. The Queen saddens that she is in danger of being dethroned, and Gong-jin swears her to present a gorgeous dress that makes her stand out. Dol-seok tries to dissuade him, but Gong-jin is so determined.



Running Time

127 min

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