The Princess Weiyoung : E49 - 01/08/2021


Princess Xin Er from Northern Liang lost all of her family due to the false treason plotted by General Chiyun and Li Minfeng of the Northern Wei. She gets rescued by Le Weiyong, the illegitimate daughter of Minister Li, who was cast out to the rural town. They become friends, for they understand the feeling of loneliness. However, Weiyoung gets murdered because Lady Chiyun, Li's wife, wanted to eliminate the potential problem for her and her birth daughter, Changle. To get revenge for her birth family and Weiyong, Xin Er gets Weiyoung's identity and throws herself into the Li household. Fight against Lady Chiyun and Changle, Xin Er as Weiyong receives attention from a lot of people: among them, Prince Tuoba Jun, who got feelings for her before knowing the true identity, and Prince Touba Yu, Jun's uncle who dreams for the next Emperor.

Tags Croton NA, Drama, Romance, Historical, Chinese, The Princess Weiyoung, Tiffany Tang, Lou Jin, Vanness Wu

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