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The Penthouse : <Special> Hidden Room - Hidden Story - 01/12/2021


At the center of the Kangnam area in Seoul, there is a 100-story high-end complex called 'Hera Palace.' The residents' life goals are growing up and showing off their wealth and children to others. Among them, three women stand out: Soo-ryun is 'The Queen' of the penthouse who feels suffocated by her own life. Seo-jin always gets what she wants and becomes who she wants to be, no matter what. And Yoon-hee is a fierce woman who can do anything for her daughter. One day, a mysterious accident happens in the complex. As truth reveals, so does the ugliest desires and vanity of those who seem to have everything in the world.

Tags SBS, drama, The Penthouse, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-Yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon

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