The Last Empress : E01


In an alternate universe where Korea is under a constitutional monarchy, the heroine, Oh Sunny is an unknown actor who has been admiring the Emperor Lee Huyk for a long time. Her life changes when she accidentally saves his life. As the new Empress, she arrives the court with hope for the future. But the reality around her is never sunshine and rainbows. The Emperor, nation's most loved and respected figure, is corrupted. The court is also full of corruption and injustice. She allied with Cheon Woo-bin, who aims Lee Hyuk for his mother's revenge, and decides to stand up against the monarch. Even though she has the title, she is an average person with no political power. With Woo-bin's love and devotion and her will to fight, there might be a chance to break down the dark castle.

Tags SBS, drama, romance, thriller, Jang Na-ra, Choi Jin-hyuk, Shin Sung-rok, Elijah Lee, Park Won-sook, Yoon Da-hoon, Lee Hee-jin, Yoon So-yi, Stephanie Lee

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