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Gong Sun Li, the Wei military commander's granddaughter, escaped with Jing Ke, his senior disciple and childhood lover, from Qin's attack on Wei. Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, wants Li to be his woman: Li and Jing Ke saved his life years ago, and Ying Zheng fell in love with her since then. When Jing Ke gets poisoned, Li enters the Qin court to get the cure. Ying Zheng appoints Li as his consort and treats the boy of Li and Jing Ke as his own. Ying Zheng is notorious for his violence and cruelty, but Li discovers his sensitive and caring side and gradually falls in love with him. But their romance is fragile: Han Shen, Li's other senior disciple, became an imperial guard to escape her from the palace, and Jing Ke never stops attacking the king.

Tags MZ Media,drama,romance,history,The King's Woman,Dilraba Dilmurat,Zhang Binbin,Li Tai,Liu Chang

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