The Full-Time Wife Escapist : E01


After finishing graduate school, Mikuri can't get a proper job. Her contract as a temp recently expires, and all she can get is to replace her mom to do a housekeeping job for a stranger. Mikuri does a perfect job and satisfies the picky customer, Hiramasa Tsuzaki. She finds her talent in the housekeeping job, and she proposes an idea to Tsuzaki: a contract marriage that is beneficial for both of them. They get married, telling nobody about the nature of their union. People get suspicious, but they manage to dodge the accusation with lies. As time goes by, they start to open themselves to each other, and their relationship status becomes more than 'business.'

Tags TBS, Drama, Japanese, Romance, Comedy, The Full-Time Wife Escapist,Gen Hoshino, Yui Aragaki, Ryohei Otani, Arata Furuta, Yuriko Ishida

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