The Cursed : E01 - 02/10/2020


Im Jin-hee is an investigative journalist who aims to uncover the secrets of Forest, one of the biggest IT companies. After she digs up dirt on the CEO of the company, Jin Jong-hyun, she finds that one of the subsidiaries do "a spiritual consulting," and its chairperson, Jin Kyung, is the principal advisor to Mr. Jin. While trying to figure their relationship, Jin-hee meets a girl named So-jin, who possesses a wicked power to curse someone via their Chinese character name, photo, or belongings. Now, Jin-hee and So-jin must work together against whatever Jin and his spiritual advisor do to the world.

Tags tvN, drama, thriller, mystery, the cursed,Uhm Ji-won, Sung Dong-il, Cho Min-soo, Jung Ji-so, Jung Moon-sung, Kim Min-jae, Kim In-kwon, Ko Kyu-phill, Lee Joong-ok, Kim Mi-Kyung

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