The Client

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The Client



Director / Writer

Son Young-sung,Lee Chun-hyung


Ha Jung-woo,Park Hee-soon,Jang Hyuk


Holding the wedding anniversary presents for his wife, Jung-a, Chul-min came back home from a business trip, panicked at the police arriving at his house. Jung-a disappeared, and there was a pool of blood at the crime scene. Assuming she was dead from the blood loss, the police arrested Chul-min as the prime suspect. Min-ho, the prosecutor, is confident that Chul-min is the killer, but he hasn't found evidence strong enough to build up a case against him. Meanwhile, Sung-hee, a hotshot lawyer, is requested to defense Chul-min by a broker. He initially turns down because he could lose, but accept the client for some suspicious circumstances that can upset the verdict. As the trial continues, the evidence against Chul-min keep stacking up, and Sung-hee feels anxious that he might lose.



Running Time

123 min

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