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The Beauty Inside



Director / Writer

Baek Jong-yeul


Han Hyo-joo, Kim Dae-myung, Do Ji-han, Bae Sung-woo, Park Shin-hye, Lee Beom-soo, Park Seo-joon, Kim Sang-ho, Cheon Woo-hee, Juri Ueno, Lee Jae-joon, Kim Min-jae, Lee Hyun-woo, Cho Dal-hwan, Lee Jin-w


Since his 18th birthday, Woo-jin has lived in different looks every day, regardless of gender, age, or nationality. He has been coping with his strange condition with the help of his mother and best friend. Now, Woo-jin is a 29-year-old man who still has a hard time to change into a different person every day. Working as a furniture designer, he rarely contacts other peoples, until he has a crush on Yi-soo, the staff at a furniture shop. Woo-jin, transformed as a handsome man, takes her on a date. They have a good time, but Woo-jin decides to walk away from her, afraid of revealing his secrets. One day, Yi-soo visits Woo-jin's house and find out his unusual condition. She chooses to believe what he says, and the two start a relationship. But it is not easy to be with a person who changes every day.



Running Time

127 min

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