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The Attorney



Director / Writer

Yang Woo-seok


Song Kang-ho, Kim Young-ae, Oh Dal-su, Kwak Do-won, Yim Si-wan, Song Young-chang, Jeong Won-joong, Jo Min-ki, Lee Hang-na, Lee Sung-min, Cha Eun-Jae, Cha Gwang-soo, Han Ki-joong, Sim Hee-seob, Cho Wan


Song Woo-seok is a high-school graduate lawyer who served as a judge. Back to his hometown Busan, Woo-suk becomes a successful tax attorney. Being petty and snobbish, he devalues the student protest. One day, Sun-ae, the owner of Woo-seok's favorite restaurant, asks him for help. Her son, Jin-woo, who she has lost contact for a month, was arrested by the police and will be tried for violating the National Security Law. They visit Jin-woo and are shocked to see him brutally tortured. Woo-seok serves as a lawyer for Jin-woo and other students, fighting against the officers who fabricated the case and the court that seems to take sides with the police. Woo-seok is also harassed by law enforcement, but his belief in justice remains unshakable. Since then, he becomes a well-known human rights lawyer.



Running Time

127 min

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