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The Art of Loving

Movie Info.


The Art of Loving



Director / Writer

Hong Kyung-sil, Lee Geon-woo


Han Hae-in, Kim Jung-hoon, Park In-ha


Na-rin cannot accept her long-time boyfriend's breaking up with her. She asks him to have one month of suspension to figure out their feeling. One day, Na-rin witnesses a man saying goodbye to his girlfriend. He acts as he knows her, and she has a drink with him and talks about relationships. The next day, she finds out that the man is Soo-han, her company's new CEO. Soo-han has Na-rin getting involved in the new project called 'History of Love,' saying her experience will help the project and vice versa. For a person who fears facing a breakup, Na-rin must contemplate love and relationship.



Running Time

96 min

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