Taste of Love : E21 - 02/07/2019


What will you do if you get one opportunity to have a romantic relationship with your Miss or Mr. Right? TASTE OF LOVE is the ultimate dating reality show where you can enjoy the true romance. Each celebrity bachelor is set up with his own Miss Right. The potential couple can flirt and get to know about each other. After 100 days, they have to choose between the two options: whether they start a romantic relationship or they end what they have. Hosted by Choi Hwa-jung and Park Na-rae, the show analyzes the psychological aspect of romance and provides with useful dating tips.

Tags reality show,romance, Choi Hwa-jeong, Park Na-rae, Lee Dong-gui, Heo Eun-a, Kim Jeong-hoon, Lee Phil-mo, Kim Jong-min, Kim Jeong-hoon, Koo Jun-yup

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