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Take Point

Movie Info.


Take Point



Director / Writer

Kim Byung-woo


Ha Jung-woo,Lee Sun-kyun,Jennifer Ehle,Kevin Durand,Malik Yoba,Spencer Daniels


An elite team from a private military company prepares a mission inside a bunker under the DMZ. It was an assignment from the CIA with a big payday. When the North Korean leader, the KING has arrived, Ahab cannot miss the chance to capture the world's most wanted. They succeed to secure the KING, but they get bullets from other mercenaries. The whole operation was a setup, and Ahab's team is the scapegoat. He grad unconscious KING and hides in the control room. Now, Ahap must secure the safety by negotiating with the U.S. government and find a way to save his teammates from the hail of bullets. Meanwhile, he has to find a way to rescue a North Korean doctor who helps him stabilize injured KING and tend his own wound.



Running Time

124 min

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